The dangers of excessive pressure

Overpressure and vacuum is feature of virtually every production process. If the pressure rises above or falls below the specified limits, major damage to plant components may result. The consequences are production standstills and serious commercial losses. A reliable and fast reacting pressure relief system is therefore essential to protect the plant in case the pressure rises above or falls below these limits.

What is a rupture disc?

Rupture discs are non-reclosing safety devices with precisely defined breaking points. They respond very quickly to pressure and can be used to implement pressure relief in many different applications. They protect plants, people, the environment and machinery against the dangers resulting from excessive overpressure or vacuum within a process. Rupture discs were originally a very simple solution. However, over recent years, designs have advanced significantly to accommodate changing system requirements, such as pressure cycling, higher process temperatures and the increasing role played by technology in many industrial processes. The greatest advantage of rupture discs over electronic and pneumatically operated safety systems is their reliability – this makes them one of the most important fail-safe safety devices in industrial operations.

The advantages of rupture discs

  • Instant response – nothing reacts faster than a rupture disc. Excessive overpressure and vacuumis relieved in milliseconds.
  • Full vent area available for pressure relief – across the full width of the vent for fast and safe pressure relief.
  • Leak-tight – prevents process media from escaping during normal operation and thus reduces the costs and problems associated with such losses.
  • Economic solution – significant cost savings compared to other safety systems for pressure relief.

What should I be aware of when selecting a rupture disc?

Reliable and cost-effective REMBE® rupture discs are not standardised products. Our specialists always adapt them individually to the specific operating conditions of your processes.
We consider a wide range of parameters to ensure that every rupture disc functions perfectly.

These parameters include:

  • The plant components to be protected
  • Process medium
  • Operating pressure
  • Vacuum/cycles
  • Burst pressure
  • Burst temperature
  • Nominal size required
  • Mass flow to be discharged


Contact us – we will be happy to advise you about the most suitable rupture discs for your process. Individually, in detail and taking all relevant parameters into account.

Rupture discs from REMBE®

REMBE® rupture discs are high precision safety devices that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. They are individually manufactured and tested for every application. When the pressure reaches a pre-defined limit the rupture disc opens to relieve the system. Our rupture discs can be used as either a primary or secondary relief devices. They can also be used in combination with safety valves. The advantage here is that the valve is protected against contamination by the product or corrosion damage. This is often an attractive and cost-effective option.

All REMBE® rupture discs are Made in Germany and certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED – 2014/68/EU) as well as all widely recognised and sector-specific international regulations and standards. Among others, these include ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1, China Manufacture License, KOSHA (South Korea), GOST TP TC (Customs Union).

Downloads: Brochure Process Safety


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